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As a follow-up to the pop-culture phenomenon Hip Hop 2 Homeowners, Jay “Mr. Real Estate,” Morrison breaks down the psychological, financial, and physical framework needed to be a property owner in America.

The step-by-step guide that every aspiring homeowner should read on their journey to becoming “Lord of Their Land”!

Lord of My Land should be taught in every school, and adopted by every home in America. Timeless wisdom shared in this book also serves as a reference for current homeowners to peruse to ensure they went about the process the right way when they purchased.

No stone is left unturned, and this quick read offers future homeowners the true peace of mind they deserve so they may proudly proclaim, “I too am Lord of My Land!”


"Great for introductory level home buyers. Easy read. Fluid and relatable. To the point. Well versed in the different necessary steps to home ownership. True genius to be able to take the complex process of buying a home and relating it to tangible steps for the uninformed. Not your typical high level technical guide." 

"I will be passing this book on to my goddaughter who is 16 and will eventually be looking into homeownership instead of renting and continuing to purchase liabilities (shoes, clothes, vehicles, etc.) thanks to Mr. Jay Morrison "Mr. Real Estate". 

"Mr J Morrison did a great job on explaining how to get into real estate and being very responsible for your actions which I've struggled with in the past but now learning from this book I think I have all the tools to go out there really make a change to my life.."